Diet Meals To You

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Do you want the easiest way to lose weight fast & to have all the work done for you.

Without complicated meals to prepare, calories to count, or meetings to attend.

Just eat and enjoy the award-winning tastes as the weight falls off.  Everything you need is included.  It’s like having your own personal chef!


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Diet-to-Go is about healthy eating made easy.

Its about making people’s lives easier by promoting common sense healthy eating choices.

With 3 distinct menus, calorie level options, and flexibility with breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations, there are literally hundreds of different meal plans from which to choose.

With pick-up availability in 4 major markets at hundreds of convenient locations & nationwide shipping available Diet-to-Go is accessible to just about everyone.



With over 20 years of experience Diet-to-Go has helped thousands of people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by providing high fiber, nutrient-dense, satisfying low-calorie meals.

So now you can have an affordable and proven weight loss program that really works.

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